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Who are we?

Hard Tech Campus is an organization focused on the development of sustainability projects into products. Most importantly, we are focused on projects that utilize technological advancements in either hardware or software to achieve one of the following target areas, with respect to the given UN Sustainability Goals:

Last year, we ran a 10 week summer program where we focused on helping engineering teams build startup companies. However, we realized that this was too rigid of a form and forced more people into entrepreneurship that did not want to go that direction.

If you would like to be a part of Hard Tech Campus, please fill out this Google Application!

Upcoming Agenda

This year, we are running monthly sprints to help teams:

2020 Plan

Our first monthly sprint starts April 10th, 2020 and goes until May 10th, 2020. However, you can apply at any time, and the sprints start the day you are accepted into the program. We are planning:

We are still looking for speakers for each of these weeks and attendees for demo day. If you would like to speak during our program or attend demo day, email kdesh@ucdavis.edu.

Previous Projects


Neutron is a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) for electric vehicles (EVs). This HESS has the advantage of fast charging (80 miles in 7 minutes with a 150 kW charger), a longer lifetime and a reduced thermal management system.


Interested? Contact Anish Kumar Sinha for more info.


PlastiCoin is a blockchain based platform for recycling plastic. It's a cryptocurrency which is rewarded to people who recycle their plastic in smart-bins produced by us. With PlastiCoin, we want to tap into the power of communities to contribute to the recycling of plastic, and put back into use the millions of tonnes of plastic that is thrown away every year. Its our generation that decides whether the Earth at the end of the 21st century becomes a home for a thriving human civilization, or a wasteland full of towers of garbage.

Interested? Contact Gabe Ketron for more info.

Environmental Sensor Project

The environmental sensor project is a project to build a system that would use a set of infrared cameras and other sensors to create a full sensor suite for understanding atmospheric and environmental changes. It was completed as a project for the Space and Satellite Systems club at UC Davis, an organization manufacturing and launching a cube satelite into low earth orbit.


Interested? Contact Kiana Choubak for more info.

Partners and Sponsors

UC Davis VentureCatalyst UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst facilitates the translation of University research and technology by driving the development of new ventures.

Student Startup Center at UC Davis We are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to making the world a better place, one startup at a time. We partner with industry giants like Intel and LinkedIn to bring ideas to life through hackathons and seed funding.

Surcle.io Surcle is an end-to-end online ecosystem designed to bring hardware products to life. Our network brings together engineers and innovators with projects from major corporations, startups, and institutions globally. The Surcle community thrives on the expertise and creativity of its members to solve hardware, engineering and manufacturing challenges.

Mousebelt University Mousebelt is building a community of universities from all over the world enabling students to collaborate, share ideas, and enhance their understanding of blockchain.

We are still looking for partners and sponsors who can provide us tools to build products or fiscal support. In exchange, we provide product reviews and social media exposure, amongst other incentives. Looking to partner with us? Email smsandeep@ucdavis.edu.


Samarth Sandeep President, Founder
Kaustubh Deshpande Director of Mentor Outreach
Delahny Deivendran Director of Sponsorships
Gabriel Ketron Project Coordinator and Outreach
Linda Huang Designer
Kirk McGregor Advisor


Please email Kaustubh Deshpande for any questions and concerns!